Driver – Personal Accident Insurance Plan Highlights


This summary sets out the details of Group Personal Accident Insurance Master Policy No. 10-19-PG005398 effected with Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. All benefit coverage is subject the terms and conditions as stated in the Master Policy Provisions.




Easy Planet Limited


Period of Insurance:

From 1st July 2019 To 30th June 2020 (Both days included)

Insured Person:

All active registered taxi drivers registered with SuperCab

Age limit:

21 - 75 


Scope of Coverage:

Coverage shall commence when the Insured SuperCab taxi Driver accepts a hiring order online arranged on the SuperCab platform, and ends when Passenger cancels the order or drops off the hiring passenger(s) whenever occurs first.


Anywhere within territory of Hong Kong


Accidental Death & Permanent Total or Partial Disablement:



Accidental Medical Expense (Motor Accident only):

Max. HK$3,000 per accident

Deductible 500 per accident



  1. Warranted that No cover will be provided under this Insurance if the taxi journey is not hired and tracked via SuperCab

  2. All accident needs to be reported to police


Major Exclusions:
War; direct participation in strike, riot, civil commotion; illegal activity; suicide, self-inflicted injury; disease; mental defect; pregnancy.

Claims Procedure:

Submit the claims on Bravo Generali App – section Personal Accident, and please mark (1) Taxi car plate number; (2) SuperCab job order number.

Our Hotline

6682 1112 (Phone/Whatsapp) or

Bravo Generali

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For key information about the policy, please refer to the files below:

1. Group personal accident insurance schedule summary

2. Group personal accident insurance policy provision

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